Success Through Collaboration

When a project is undertaken with Intov8, you’re not just our customer, you’re our productive partner. We collaborate with you to build a software package that will greatly benefit your business and our unique experience enables us to identify challenges that may be unique to you.

These collaborative efforts have already seen success at Yancoal’s 11 sites, including Mount Thorley Warkworth, where we developed POLR Goods Tracking application with an estimate ROI of $240,000 per site, and with Fitzroy Australia Resource Carborough Downs Mine, in developing POLR Organiser which lay the ground work for their upcoming full Sale2Sail POLR Implementation.

Intov8 have adopted a method for orienting productive partners, breaking this down into consulting, scoping and discovery and, typically, a phased software implementation approach. We understand there will always be resistance to change within an organisation, not just in mining, with the biggest challenge being the alignment of all people across a business towards the goal of data maturity. A phased implementation approach provides the greatest return on efforts and represents the least business interruption and resistance.

During our site visits as part of the Scoping and Discovery phase, Intov8 aim to fully understand your businesses current pain points, systems in use, potential hardware and software challenges, KPI’s, and vision for the future. We will discuss with you where you want to be over time and reverse engineer the end goal into milestones that are achievable, taking into account the quick wins, the big hitters regarding ROI, the high impact decisions that need to be made on a regular basis and how we can support those decisions.

Jellinbah Mine’s Senior Leadership team was motivated to build on their current successful and profitable operation with a solution which could unify the source of business logic and provide live, validated production inventory accounting, reporting and data management. These requirements drove the Senior Leadership Team to choose POLR Sale2Sail for implementation.

To address specific immediate challenges at Jellinbah Mine, and build trust within departments on site, it was proposed POLR Sale2Sail be implemented in a phased approach. This implementation approach began with POLR Organiser and POLR Resource Events to facilitate the greatest return on efforts and represent the least interruption to site operations. Thanks to our growing relationship and collaboration with those on site we have already begun to see their POLR Organiser and POLR Resource Events applications take shape.