About Intov8 & POLR

Established in 2006, Intov8 Pty Ltd is a team of Australian based software developers and analysts that specialise in developing market-leading business intelligence solutions. We pride ourselves in being an innovative and progressive company. Intov8 value a dynamic and adaptive work ethos by embracing employee empowerment concepts and a bureaucratic-free communication process.


Our team hold more than 100 years combined experience in the mining industry. This has facilitated a deep understanding of mine sites and what the customer really wants. This insight led to the development of our flagship product, Corvus, which is used by the world’s largest mining companies including BHP, Glencore, Yancoal and Idemitsu.


Intov8’s commitment to the design and development of market-leading technology incorporates LEAN practices and ongoing research and development. This is how we are able to deliver cost-effective solutions with exceptional return on investment for our partners.

From development to delivery and beyond, Intov8 are committed to providing our Productive Partners with well-supported software that delivers sophisticated insights and tangible operational and financial benefits.  


A key focus for Intov8 is to continue our mission in providing solutions that revolutionise data management. Through this continued focus, and facilitated by the expansion of the team, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in other heavy industries, the POLR suite was developed.

Underpinned by the philosophy “Path of Least Resistance,” the POLR applications forge a new path of effective data management. With apps that are easy use and implement, POLR helps you achieve success with the least resistance from stakeholders and end-users, and minimal business disruption.

The applications are modularised to expand on the existing capability of the Corvus applications but include design, speed, and administrative enhancements for master data. This gives control back to the user. 

Map of Intov8 Customers