The Ultimate Solution
for Warehousing


Accurately tracking everything that moves on and off site is critical for efficient business operations.

Intov8’s game-changing POLR Goods Tracking application significantly improves tracking and communication of the Goods Out Process and Freight Register to enable improved warehouse efficiency.


Single Source of the Truth

Reduces the number of lost items

Minimizes human error

Saves valuable time

Practical & easy to use

Increases visibility

Delivers greater accuracy

Increases efficiency & profitability



Estimated Roi


Per year – based on
reported time

Recently a tier one coal mining company in the NSW Hunter
Valley, struggling to keep track of goods movements across their three sites, turned
to Intov8’s POLR Goods Tracking Manager.

Previously, the company’s Goods Out Advice and Urgent Freight Register was spread across 20 different log books and spreadsheets, managed by several people at each site.

Lost in the system

Much of the company’s warehouse stock was not included in its SAP software program. There was no Material Code and no link from SAP or any other system to locate key items including tooling, truck jacks or stands.

While there is repair advice in SAP, it doesn’t relate to most of the “ghost items” (equipment that is not registered in a software system) on the site. At times, the company’s warehouse was fielding up to 30 calls per week to locate certain items.

Often, warehouse staff had no easy way to locate a book where an item was registered, nor did they know who had that book. And often, when the right book was found, they couldn’t identify the signature of the person who signed out a particular item. There was no real accountability. The company had no system in place that could accurately ascertain an item’s whereabouts after it had left the site.

With the POLR Goods Tracking (GT) module they have streamlined the entire process.


$ 440 per site, per month
  • Licensing for unlimited users
  • Maintenance
  • Phone and email support
$ 5,500 Initial set up and training
  • Cloud setup and site specific configuration
  • Historical data importing
  • Training at Intov8 Brisbane offices or your Brisbane based offices
  • Online training, support and user acceptance testing ensuring a successful implementation