Intov8’s Approach to Thriving in a COVID-19 Business Environment

Without a doubt, the business environment around us is constantly changing monthly, weekly, even daily….

But how has the impacts of COVID-19 created workplace change, and what can we do, as Australians, to support each other through the pandemic?

With the current COVID lockdown impacting most of Australia, Intov8 have been working tirelessly to be sure that we do our part to support everyone through this pandemic. Starting within our own project space, COVID measures have been implemented to determine that Intov8 is at a low risk of transmission within the workplace. This has included social distancing (including own offices for all team members), frequent sanitisation, regular temperature checks, working from home and the regular usage of masks to reduce risks.

Furthermore, we are making it our mission to consciously buy from and support local, small businesses during these tough times. Here at Intov8, we believe that supporting those around us will help us all persevere. This may be as little as buying a coffee from a locally owned and run café, to sourcing Australian made materials for your business. We have gone so far as developing a procurement hierarchy, with the utopia being an Australian-owned business, Aussie materials and software solutions and Australian-based personnel. Our leadership team complete extensive research using this model before making purchases in their personal lives as well.

We also pride ourselves on annually renewing and maintaining our Australian Made product license for our POLR Sale2Sail solution, to do a part in being an active participant in stimulating the economy during this time as an Australian business.

Our go-to cafe to promote our support of locally owned businesses 3Beans @ 145 Eagle Street!