January Newsletter

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And we're back!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Intov8’s monthly newsletter. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break over the Christmas and New Year period. We’re ready to have an amazing year and get back to transforming the way you manage your data in 2021.

In this month’s newsletter we share our first In The Know video update for the year, our latest blog post and our new POLR Resource Events data sheet. Let get into it!

In The Know

In this month’s In The Know we share some of our top moments since coming back from the holiday break including:

  • Office Renovations
    We have expanded our office space to accommodate our growing team, with four new team members and two interns joining just in the last year, and we plan to keep growing our amazing team in 2021.
  • Delay Accounting and Quality Management 
    We have started the year with the go ahead to roll out solutions for delay accounting and quality management with a Productive Partner. Our POLR Resource Events application is an important component of this roll out and we have included a link to it below.

  • Intov8 Birthdays
    We also celebrated both our amazing General Manager, Jaiden’s, birthday, as well as the lovely Charli’s birthday. 

Check out the full video:

POLR Resource Events Data Sheet

We have just completed the latest version of our POLR Resource Events Data Sheet to coincide with the official launch of the POLR Sale2Sail product and full POLR Suite, later this year.

Data Warehouses Blog Post

Our most recent blog post discusses data warehouses; what are they, why are they important and do you need one? Take it from the data experts and have a read below.