How mature are your data management processes?

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There is a common misconception that the implementation of new technology is the solution for data management; and that implementing a new software solution will enable immediate productivity improvements and cost-savings with little (or no) additional effort. If a business takes this approach, the adoption of new software will fail. The only solution for bad data management is fixing the management at the core.

Two of Intov8’s fundamental beliefs are that before any successful analysis or improvement initiative can be undertaken, data maturity must be achieved; and that site data must be trusted by all stakeholders and be delivered into the hands of key decision makers with as little human intervention as possible.

When you commit to implementing a production management system such as POLR, the first step Intov8 take is to identify the level of data maturity with respect to data management. Establishing this baseline across departments supports the process of measuring the benefits and costs required to elevate the business to the required levels of maturity, and ultimately execute on the process of improvement.   This is the reason Intov8 conduct an Audit and Requirements Discovery Consultancy site visit with our prospective productive partners as a first step when establishing a productive partnership.

The ‘Enterprise Data Management Maturity Model’ published by the Software Engineering Institute provides the framework Intov8 utilise to determine data maturity. It allows businesses to be categorised into one of the four states:

What state do you think your data is in? Take the quiz to find out if your data is unaware, reactive, proactive or predictive. You might be surprised.

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