Solve a Real-world Problem with POLR Goods Tracking

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Software Solving Real-world Problems

The right software implementation can help solve real world problems. In every industry across the world, we see the implementation of tailored software solutions that address these real-world issues, from telemedicine to ride-share apps like Uber. The development of Intov8’s POLR Goods Tracking application within the POLR software suite, is an example of how a software implementation can solve pain points within the mining industry.

The Problem

A tier one coal mining company in the NSW Hunter Valley was struggling to keep track of goods movements across their three sites. The company’s Goods Out advice and Urgent Freight Register was spread across multiple logbooks and spreadsheets and managed by several people at each site. Much of the company’s warehouse stock was not included in its ERP system. There was no Material Code and no link from the ERP system to locate key items including tooling, truck jacks or stands.

While there was repair advice in the ERP system, it didn’t relate to most of the “ghost items” (the equipment that is not registered in a software system) on the site. At times, the company’s warehouse could take up to 30 calls per week looking to locate items. Often, the warehouse staff had no easy means of locating the book where an item was registered, nor did they know who was in possession of the book. 

Sometimes, even if the right book was found they couldn’t identify the signature of the person who signed out a particular item – there was no real accountability. The company needed a comprehensive system that would accurately track the movements of equipment on and off site.

To simplify the process and improve warehouse efficiency, the team at Intov8 developed an automated “single source of the truth” solution across multiple warehouses. With this solution, all data could now be tracked and controlled from one central point. Multiple users at different security levels across the site still provided input, but now there was instant visibility as to where each item was located. This reduced the number of phone enquiries to virtually zero, saving valuable time and money. The software provides a tracking number that can automatically link with a transport service provider, so items can be always be located.

POLR Goods Tracking is especially useful for site shutdown, when it is important to track all goods that leave the site. In particular, rotable spares. Other ghost items can be managed directly by the shutdown teams. When a person wants to send an item off-site, they simply call the warehouse and a tracking document is created instantly. The item to be shipped appears on the report and this can be printed and attached to the item waiting for dispatch.

The Result

POLR Goods Tracking delivered significant cost savings for the Hunter Valley company. The site determined they were saving an equivalent of between 2-3 full-time employees time, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their role instead of attending to the tedious task of locating missing items.

POLR Goods Tracking can be implemented as a robust software solution to solve a real-world, warehousing problem. For the Hunter Valley Company, they achieved greater visibility, improved efficiency and ease-of-use.

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