Short Interval Control in Mining

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Understanding Short Interval Control for Productive Mining Operations

Short Interval Control (SIC) is a process for identifying opportunities for more effective production, where the intended outcome is continuous improvement of productivity and to waste less time. SIC helps supervisors to adjust operations in real-time, based on actual conditions, to meet shift goals. The value of SIC lies in its ability to improve equipment effectiveness, optimise processes, reduce burdens on supervisors and enhance mine safety and environmental performance. A SIC software solution increases effectiveness and efficiency in mining operations. 

Why is it Important?

Everything from hard hats to haul trucks create an accrescent stream of uncontrolled yet highly valuable data. The key is to ensure the many data sources flow into a “single source of the  truth” (Enterprise Data Warehouse) to ensure the information is captured and transformed into a common format, with context.

Without context, your data means very little.

According to a report by EY, only with good data can companies understand what good performance looks like, and companies that successfully use their data outperform their peers by 20 percent.

Intov8's SIC Solution

The secret to SIC is having one, “single source of the truth.” Effective SIC can only be realised once all systems are flowing into one, central database and separate silos of information are brought together to provide contextual insights. Good SIC is derived from context, and context is derived by having all systems flowing into a single source of the truth.

Intov8’s Sale2Sail software solution provides the user with comprehensive SIC capabilities. This helps supervisors to work more efficiently and oversee problems as they occur. Our software provides supervisors with an instant snapshot of mine operations on desktop computers, mobile devices and display monitors.

Intov8 Goes Beyond just Reporting

Sale2Sail’s SIC goes beyond just Short Interval Reporting in a few ways:

Key Benefits of Intov8's Short Interval Control Solution

SIC from your mobile device.

Cost-effective software solution.

Simplifies the process to transform the way mine sites manage their data.

Allows supervisors to monitor operations in the field.

Provides live access to key metrics.

Gives supervisors a window into the mine and equipment status in near real time.

Supervisors can comment and interact directly with operators in the field.

Reduces reporting time by identifying and addressing issues in near real-time.

Integrates to any source system.

Reduces downtime.

Increases productivity and profitability.

Contact the team at Intov8 to get a free demonstration of any of our POLR products and to discuss how we can implement a comprehensive Short Interval Control solution for you.