xConnect Polr


Creating Your Single
Source of Truth


A company’s ability to efficiently collect and analyse data is key to its success.

Streams of data are being received every second of every operating day from various sources. However, not all data is compatible. It needs to be translated and cleansed.

Intov8’s xConnect software is the ultimate data ‘translation’ integration.

With xConnect, all data is seamlessly connected, creating a single source of truth from all of your sources.


Eliminates the need for spreadsheets

Minimizes human error

Saves valuable time

Practical & easy to use

Increases visibility

Delivers greater accuracy

Increases efficiency & profitability

Ground-Breaking Technology

xConnect enables you to automatically collect and standardise data across all sites, irrespective of the data source, for efficient analysis and improvement.

Gone is the need to interface directly with a system using multiple interfaces for each; and the need to tie up staff compiling detailed spreadsheets, prone to human error. Instead, with Intov8's unique xConnect technology, pull data directly from fleet management or source systems to deliver cleansed, usable and functional data in near real-time.

Transmit data to your remote operations centre where it can be analysed and compared in near real-time; and make it available in an instant snapshot on dashboards allowing supervisors to efficiently direct operators, boosting productivity and profitability.

xConnect is integrated with some of the most utilised source systems by industry leaders and mining giants.