POLR by Intov8

Innovative personnel
scheduling tool

Manage rosters, deploy tasks and track who’s available within crews or units in a matter of seconds


Keeping track of staff and maintaining rosters for crews has long been a challenge for mining companies.

Multiple cumbersome systems are often needed to effectively manage people and maintain personnel records such as staff and crew rosters, annual leave, sick leave or rostered days off. The information is often outdated and open to human error.
Now there’s a much easier way.

Introducing POLR Organiser, an innovative personnel scheduling tool from Intov8. With POLR Organiser you can track who’s available within crews or units in a matter of seconds to manage rosters and for the deployment of tasks and projects.

Supervisors can swap team members between crews, monitor leave rosters and manage training – all within a single, streamlined system.

Many of the world’s leading mining companies are turning to POLR Organiser to simplify the process and improve productivity.


Cost-effective way to manage staff and crews

Simplifies the entire personnel management process

Provides greater visibility for all company personnel, rosters and crews

Rosters can be planned and managed more efficiently

Enables supervisors to monitor personnel and crews in real time

Gives supervisors an instant snapshot of capability and competency levels

Improves accuracy and efficiency

Integrates to any source system

User-friendly software with minimum training required

Say good bye to time-consuming, disconnected staff spreadsheets

Increases productivity and profitability


per month,
per site


  • Licensing for Unlimited users
  • Maintenance
  • Phone and email support
Initial set up
and training


  • Cloud Setup and Site specific configuration
  • Historical Data Importing
  • Training at Intov8 Brisbane offices or your Brisbane based offices
  • Online Training, support and user acceptance testing ensuring a successful implementation

*Additional training onsite or online available on request

This new technology is drawing the attention of mining sites worldwide


  • Schedule leave
  • Change leave status
  • Add and edit leave comments
  • Monitor absence and attendance records
  • Assess competency levels across team members and crews
  • Organise reports
  • Conduct advanced searches (including by name, title, position, department, organisational unit, security level, competency)
  • View data in READ ONLY or FULL CONTROL ACCESS mode

Relevant data at your fingertips

POLR Organiser provides updated information on all staff and crews in real time. This has significant advantages for Supervisors – and the company bottom line. POLR Organiser gives Supervisors the ability to plan and manage a crew more efficiently to save valuable time. No matter how big your team, you can now determine staff availability at anytime, anywhere to help plan and manage crews and rosters. Also, Supervisors are able to get an instant snapshot of capability and competency levels to cover upcoming projects and tasks. With POLR Organiser, Supervisors and human resources departments can work more effectively to oversee and fix staff problems as they occur. It’s a MUST for any modern mining business.


POLR Organiser is the most advanced personnel scheduling tool for the mining industry. The program has been specifically designed to assist Supervisors in monitoring their crews. With POLR Organiser, Supervisors can now view the personnel absence and attendance data within one space. The personal absence and attendance data is presented in a logical format, allowing supervisors to access all data through one easy to follow platform. Data can be changed to reflect more specific information or personal preferences. POLR Organiser is particularly useful for Supervisors as it allows them to view all relevant staff information and associated reports to better plan and manage rosters and crews.

POLR Organiser is the ultimate tool to assist supervisors in planning and managing rosters.