POLR Videos

Check out our all of our POLR video series below including overviews of our POLR products, our In The Know monthly video updates and our You Asked. We Listened. We will continue to update this page regularly with more helpful videos, including two new series: POLR Support, Corvus to POLR tutorials. 

Have questions? Browse the videos below to see if we have answered them but as always, if you still need assistance please don’t hesitate to the contact the team. 

POLR Products

In this series, we take you through the ins and outs of each of our POLR products and guide you through each application’s functionality, so you can choose the POLR product that is right for you. 

In The Know

Our In The Know video series keeps you up-to-date with everything happening at Intov8 including our top milestones each month, notable news and general updates. We upload a new video every month. 

You Asked. We Listened

Our “You Asked. We Listened” video series is a platform where we discuss pieces of feedback and feature requests from our Productive Partners and how we have fulfilled these requests in our new POLR applications. We take you through the functionality in our legacy product Corvus, and show you how we have updated POLR with the new functionality. 

Intov8 at Austmine's METS Tech Talk

Our Partner Development Manager, Matthew, participated in another great initiative from Austmine, the METS Tech Talk. He and speakers from MST Global, Maptek, Denver and Auto-mate, deliberated and discussed powerful data solutions that drive operational improvements across mining. Matthew discussed the value of deriving real insights from your data and how to turn that data into dollars. Check it out!

Transferring from Corvus to POLR

In this video series we show our existing Corvus users how to use the new modules in our POLR Suite, to make the transition from Corvus to POLR as smooth as possible. 

POLR Support

In our POLR Support video series we take a common support question or request and take you through the steps to solve it and/or help you understand the functionality of POLR to get what you want out of the program. Check back regularly for new POLR Support videos as they might have the answers to your questions!